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The Tower Boutique Hotel
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Unique property located 1h away from Lisbon. The unique neo-Manueline property ordered to be transformed at the end of the 19th century by the Marquis of Foz and designed by the illustrious architect Luigi Pietro Manini that has among its very few and unique works, properties like Buçaco Palace and Regaleira Palace.


The origin of the property goes as far as the medieval time and even has part of an important Roman road known as “Via XVI” that used to connect Lisbon to Braga. Inside the palace, we find splendid rooms with uniquely detailed fireplaces, painted ceilings and 19th-century tile panels. The two Manueline windows were the central elements of inspiration for the palace, where its romantic tower stands out.


The geometrically designed gardens precede a magnificent swimming pool. The estate also has a chapel, stables, a wine cellar, lakes, streams and a vast agricultural area.


A development of a “countryside resort” will transform the existent Palace into a luxury boutique hotel with 10 unique suites, flanked by a new 5* hotel with 150 suites with high end amenities, contact with nature, relax and comfort.

Why invest in this option?


  • Location: Torres Novas (1h from Lisbon)

  • Eligible for the €350.000 Golden Visa

  • Palace into a Luxury Boutique Hotel with 10 unique suites, flanked by a new 5* Hotel with 150 suites
    SPA, Sauna, Gym and Interior Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool, Fruit Fields, Vegetable and Aromatic Gardens, Horse Rides

  • Profit of 4,5% x 5 years with total amount paid upfront 30 days after the deed (4.5% per year, for the first 5 years of investment (Total of 78.750€ - Paid 30 days after the title deed). 3% per year (10.500€) from the 5th year onwards)

  • Buyback guarantee for the total investment amount after 7th year of investment

  • IMT, Stamp Duty, Notary and Registration covered by the developer

  • Type of property/project: Co-ownership – Share in a property

  • Maintenance fee covered by the developer

  • Property insurance covered by the developer

  • Taxes when a client buys a property covered by the developer



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