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South Resort (€280.000) and M Lisboa (€350.000)
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South Resort 

Eligible for the €280.000 Golden Visa

Location: Algarve

5 Stars Hotel flagged by a worldwide know hotel operator

201 suites

IMT of 13.650€  - Paid by developer

VAT on the rehabilitation of €16.100 - Paid by the developer

IMI exemption during construction period

Guaranteed Buy Back: after year 6

7 days free stay per year

M Lisboa

€350.000 Golden Visa Eligible

Location: Lisbon

225 functional rooms with surprising details with flexibility for tech savvy guests

Lifestyle experience-driven product with an industrial chic look

3% of Guaranteed return: € 52 500 over a period of 5 years

Guaranteed buyback in 6 years

7 days of free stay per year

IMT of €14.300 and VAT paid by the developer 

The developer has a partnership with one of the world's largest hotel chains

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