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T Porto
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When an investor chooses Porto as a foreign investment destination, this is what happens… Talent, competence, good infrastructure, life quality and a favorable macroeconomic scenario are some of the most relevant drivers for foreign investment in Porto.

A safe city with excellent infrastructure, colorful culture, and low cost of living, Porto pulls in an eclectic mix of expats, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and retirees from around the globe. Energetic, charming, and innovative, Porto has become one of the most promising investment opportunities in Europe.


The real estate market in Porto is inexpensive compared to other Western European capitals. In recent years, it has seen a period of steady growth, which makes it an excellent place to invest.


Presently developments in Porto or Lisbon that are eligible for the reduced Golden Visa program are very hard to find. That´s why the T Porto is having a huge success among our clients. 


Due to some flexible investment strategies aligned between MFG Consultants and the developer, makes this option quite interesting to those that want a 350K reduced Golden Visa investment option in a major Portuguese city such as Porto.


  • Eligible for the €350.000 reduced Golden Visa

  • Location: Central Porto near of some of the city´s main attractions

  • 3,5% guaranteed return during 5 years starting to be payed 1 year after the start of operation (*check other alternatives below)

  • 7 Days Free Stay per year

  • Studio - 350.000 €

  • One Bedroom - 400.000 €

  • Two Bedroom - 450.000 €

  • Hassle-free: property professionally managed

  • Real Estate Investment in a prime location in Porto

  • P.O. Box available at the property

  • Refurbishment works finished by the end of 2023

  • Operations start in January of 2024 

Why invest in this option?

It's very well located in Porto. In the brochure you can find a financial forecast mentioning that the ROI can go up to 5,9% through the years. You can also select the typology of the apartments, from T0 to T2. Flexible investment options (check below).

Regarding the T Porto development, you have 3 investment scenarios that you can choose from:

1) If you would like to receive the ROI in a standard way, then you can select the investment value depending on the units asking price and will receive the 3,5% considering the value per year during the first 5 years.

2) If you are looking for capital growth, we suggest the acquisition of a 1 bedroom apartment with a reduction in the guaranteed income over the first five years, instead of a studio, for the price of 350.000€.


You will be buying a bigger unit, with a perspective of an increase in the property value over the medium / long term, higher than a studio, with a 50.000€ price reduction.

In this case, the developer can sell you a 1 bedroom apartment for 350.000€ (instead of 400.000€), deducting the guaranteed income over the first 5 years (5*14.000€), and paying a guaranteed income of 10.000€ on the 4th and 5th years of exploration.

400.000€ - (400.000€ * 3,5% * 5 + 10.000€ + 10.000€) = 350.000€

3) In this option, the developer can sell a 2 bedroom apartment for the price of 355.500€, without paying rental income over the first 6 years of exploration.

The reasoning is the following,


  • Asking price - 450.000€

  • Income paid over the first 5 years = 450.000€ * 3,5% * 5 = 78.750€

  • Expected income on year 6th = 450.000€ * 3,5% * 1 = 15.750€

Asking price deducted from rental income over 6 years = 450.000€ - 78.750€ - 15.750€ = 355.500€

This means that you won't receive any income for 6 years but you will have a T2 valued at €450.000 for €355.500.


On top of this, you will benefit from the reduction on the property transfer tax and the stamp tax (calculated over the property price), as well as from a reduction in the taxable rental income over the first five years.

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