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T III Porto
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Context overview: 


The rise in property prices in Portugal in 2022 is accelerating, as the average value of housing calculated for the beginning of 2022 is 7.3% higher than that recorded in the last quarter of 2021. Among the sub-regions with the most expensive house prices is the Metropolitan Area of Porto is one of them. This sub-region is one of the only ones that present an average value of housing higher than the national average.Since the begining of the year, the real estate market in the Metropolitan Area of Porto increased 17.4% also showed higher year-on-year increases than the national level.


Why Porto?


In the heart of Porto, an awarded city as a World Heritage by UNESCO, there´s a new unique opportunity to invest and live in. A business center by nature, coexisting with a wide range of cultural and leisure proposals, for the perfect lifestyle. Porto is one of the main cities of Portugal, the 3rd safest country in the World. With modern infrastructures, provides access to free World Class Education and Universal Healthcare. More than a destination. A new way of living.


Why the T III Porto?


The T III Porto is a 26 serviced apartment, Golden Visa eligible real estate development for touristic purposes, located in a central, strategic area of Porto. Thanks to its centrality and easy accessibility, the property allows you to quickly reach any point in the city, providing the opportunity to fully enjoy life in the downtown area. Located in Santa Catarina Street, the major shopping district of Porto, T III Porto is located at walking distance from Porto City Hall and Aliados Avenue, as well as from Bolhão Market or Chapel of Souls. The development consists in 26 serviced apartments with Room Service, Laundry Room, Electric car charger, Parking Space and Concierge. 


  • Eligible for the €350.000 reduced Golden Visa

  • Location: Central Porto near of some of the city´s main attractions

  • Freehold apartments including 8 unique duplexes in the top floor

  • 3,5% guaranteed return during 5 years starting to be payed 1 year after the start of operation OR Multiple investment combinations depending on your profile (more information below)

  • 7 Days Free Stay per year

  • Hassle-free: property professionally managed

  • Real Estate Investment in a prime location in Porto

  • P.O. Box available at the property

  • After the 5th year you can live there, rent it via the Developer or sell it freely in the open market

  • With this investment you can monetize it via standard ROI or capital growth



Why invest in this option? In a nutshell:


  • High-quality product

  • Freehold Serviced Apartments

  • Located at one of the most desirable places in Porto

  • Location:

  • Everything is Hassle-free

  • Professionally managed property and ready to use


What´s in it for you?


You can select the way you want to make your investment. In a standard way the developer offers 3,5% return for 5 years. After 5 years the apartment is yours. You can live there, continuing renting it or sell it freely in the open market.


But you have a choice depending if you want the standard ROI or bet on capital growth. As mentioned on top, the real estate market in Porto, only this year increased 17.4% so this is something for you to think as an investor.


You will have 5 options available to select for the T III Porto (depending on the available units that are being reserved quite fast )


OPTION1 - Unit of €450.000 can be sold at €400.000 (and you will still receive around €20.000 ROI


OPTION 2 - OR if you don´t want the discount you´ll receive €78,750 return during 5 years.

OPTION 3 - Unit of €400.000 can be sold at €350.000 (and you will still receive around €20.000 ROI

OPTION 4 - OR if you don´t want the discount you´ll receive €70,000 return during 5 years.


OPTION 5 - Unit of €350.000 you will receive a €61.250 return during 5 years.


Contact us today to book a meeting with the developer. 


Zoom meetings are free and without any commitment.


You can visit the site and see the development personally.

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