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B Porto Hotel
Investment presentation video

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The B Porto Hotel is located in the heart of Porto near some of the major tourist spots such as Clerigos tower, Crystal Palace, Bolhão market or São Bento Station.
It consists on a 85 rooms Hotel that will be operated by a worldwide international brand. The project will be freehold, meaning that the unit that you will purchase is yours.
It´s eligible for the €350.000 reduced Golden Visa investment with an upfront 5% ROI (€87.500) paid only 1 month after the deed is done. This means that your investment become of €262.500.
In year 8, the developer will start the process of selling the hotel in the market where the rule will the be minimum valuation of €350.000 per room in order to compensate the investor´s initial amount and recover the initial investment money back.
Besides that, 50% of the capital gain in the sell of the hotel will be distributed by the investors so you will also be entitled to receive an additional value over the €350.000.
Until the Hotel is sold, there´s a compensation of 70% of the hotel operating revenue divided for the investors and 30% for the developer.
There´s also exclusive tax advantages included that can be explained during an introductory meeting.

Why invest in this option?


  • Investment as low as 262.500€ (350.000€ investment with an advance payment of 87.500€ of the 5% guaranteed rental income during the fisrt 5 years of operation);

  • Freehold unit (you are the owner of the unit)

  • 5% return on investment during 5 years;

  • From year 6th onwards, investors will receive 70% of the operational result of the Hotel;

  • After the 6th year of operation, the exploring entity will promote a structured sale process in the open market, with a minimum return of 350.000€ for each investor;

  • With the sale, investors will receive an additional payment corresponding to 50% of the difference between the 350.000€ and the sale value;

  • Included 7 days stay per year in the property;

  • 85 investors;

  • Hotel operated by a worldwide international brand

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