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Algarve Beach Hotel


Invest and Achieve Excellent Returns


  • Freehold apartments (they are yours)

  • Guaranteed profitability of 7% to 10%

  • Optional buyback (you can activate the buyback, keep the investment for 30 years or sell it privately at anytime)

  • No condominium and maintenance costs for 30 years

  • Offer of 14 nights of annual leave

  • The developer has a partnership with one of the world's largest hotel chains

  • Located in front of one of the Algarve´s most touristic beaches

  • Investment available from €418.000

  • Hotel opens in Q4 of 2023


Eligible for the €350.000 investment Golden Visa

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Check the Algarve Beach Hotel investment explained by MFG Consultants


This stunning resort located in the Algarve and near of the one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
With steep and colorful cliffs, crystal clear water and a magnificent sun. The pleasant and safe city is located just a few minutes from the Hotel. 
You can visit its charming historical center, which has all the commodities that you might eventually need. The city county has adopted the Cittaslow trend, which promotes a moderate lifestyle in order to achieve a better quality of life. 
The hotel is located extremely close to the Natural Park Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, with idyllic and magical landscapes scenarios, pedestrian sidewalks and virgin beaches.

More Details

Number of Units


Total Floors/Stories

Cost per unit

Launch date


City / Sea


From €169.000

April 2022

Watch the Algarve Beach Hotel promo video below


The developer has a partnership with one of the world largest hotel chains. 
The developer´s in charge of the hotel's refurbishment's projects, works schedule and marketing. 
The Algarve Beach Hotel is the second hotel project developed by the developer.
The first hotel project is located near Lisbon and opened in June 2020 and conceived a new life to former spaces, enhanced local economy and created attractive real estate products for investment.

The Algarve Beach Hotel Facilities:

  • 279 Touristic apartments

  • Rooftop Restaurant & Pool

  • Restaurant with Executive Lounge

  • Health Club

  • Spa Experience

  • Indoor and Outdoor Pool

  • Zen Garden

  • Modern and Fresh Event Rooms with catering facilities

  • Kid's Club

  • Car Parking



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Invest and Achieve Excellent Returns

This property investment products is designed to reduce the investment's risk and to grant high profit. The developer offers investors opportunities for constant, sustained and fair rental returns through the Hotel Management Program.


This offer consists on freehold apartments with a guaranteed yield of 7%.

In addition, the developer will grant you an optional buyback.

Everything is taken care of on your behalf and you will gain a share of revenue obtained from the touristic exploitation of your property.

You can also benefit from free condominium and maintenance services costs in the first thirty years.

To top it all off, you will be allowed to holiday for 14 nights per year.

In Short we have:

  • Freehold apartments

  • Guaranteed profitability of 7%

  • Optional buyback

  • No condominium and maintenance costs for 30 years

  • Offer of 14 nights of annual leave


What Is The Golden Residence Permit Program or Golden Visa?

This program is a legal framework of the Portuguese government, which started on October 8th, 2012. The holders of a Golden Residence Permit can be eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit or Portuguese Citizenship through an investment.

Regarding real estate investments, the acquisition must have a minimum vale of €350.000, for Refurbishment properties. It can be assigned to Non-European Citizens or to Citizens of countries that did not subscribe the Schengen Agreement.

Golden Visa Advantages:

  • Ability to live, travel and invest in a space of security

  • Travel freely through the whole Schengen area from EU, without the need to apply for a European Visa or Passport

  • Access the same legal conditions as any other European citizen regarding taxes payment

  • Access to the European health system

  • Children can enter into the Portuguese free education system (They will be able to study at the any University within Europe, as a European citizen)

  • Request a Residence Permit for the immediate family, under the family regrouping option (ascendants/ descendants)

  • Apply for a Portuguese citizenship after 5 years

  • Reduced Mandatory stay period in Portugal – only 7-14 nights per year




Only the best investment options

No travel? No problem! We handle everything remotely

Large Coverage‏ and a full service at your disposal

  • Individual advice on the process of buying and selling investments / properties.

  • Structuring investments / real estate projects

  • Contractual Due diligence

  • Client representation in all stages of negotiation, formalization and management

  • Tax Planning

  • Real Estate Asset Management

  • International conveyance 

  • Contact with the client and elaboration of legal documents in several languages

  • Response in 24 hours, 7 days a week

  • Client representation. All processes (investment search and acquisition and GV application) can be fully held remotely by our team

  • Opening a bank account remotely and fiscal representation

  • Investment Advice

  • Tax Planning

  • Due diligence documentation for investment (acquisition of property) 

  • Preparation and presentation of the process with the immigration services

  • Follow-up for 5 years to the investor and family members

  • Investment / Property Selection and Acquisition Process

  • Due-Diligence

  • Full Legal Support

  • Exclusive GV eligible Investments 

  • Banks & Insurance (remote option available)

  • Property Management (rent and after-sales)

  • Tax Representation and Accountant Service

  • Family and certification


MFG Consultants, is a top leading investments consulting firm with more than 10 years of experience at a national and international level. This allows us to offer a multidisciplinary service of high quality and level of expertise.
The Company is established in Portugal since 2010, starting its activity in Cascais and currently has 2 offices in Portugal including Vilamoura. We have national coverage. 
The Company’s competitive advantages reflect its brand image:  availability, our commitment to specialization and quality, focus and proximity with our clients, a philosophy based on a fast and none bureaucratic way of working, results orientation and professional ethics commitment, a team fluent in several languages.
We offer a full and REAL integrated service of high quality suitable to customer needs. At our investments portfolio we have always available the latest opportunities by working closely with dozens of the best agents and developers in the Portuguese market.

For more information and brochure download about the Portuguese Golden Visa program please visit our website:

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