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MFG Consultants is a Portuguese Investment Advisory company, internationally awarded and considered one of the best companies operating in Portugal in its sector.

With more than 10 years of experience, MFG consultants effectively provides an A-Z service so that customers don’t need to use third party companies (especially through the ARI/Portuguese Golden Visa program).

All investments presented in this page are analyzed in detail by MFG Consultants independent specialists. Rather than having a large and risky portfolio, MFG Consultants keeps the pool smaller so that investors know they are picking from a selection of quality opportunities.

Contents of the brochure

  • What is an investment fund?

  • Advantages and disadvantages of funds

  • What funds are suitable for Portuguese Golden visa investment?

  • How investment funds differ from each other

  • Investment yield of Portuguese funds

  • When can an investor withdraw the money?

  • Is it possible to withdraw money ahead of schedule?

  • Cost simulation

  • Requirements for an investor

  • Portugal Golden Visa by investment fund: a step-by-step procedure

  • Advantages of obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa through funds

  • Risks of investing in Portuguese funds

  • How to choose a fund for investment

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Download for free our brochure: Portugal Golden Visa through purchasing shares of investment funds: a practical guide by MFG Consultants

Portuguese Golden Visa eligible funds

Artificial Intelligence


What is the aim of the fund?
The fund is dedicated to investing in high-value businesses across various sectors.

What’s different?
The fund aims to reduce investment risks by offering an enhanced support suit beyond what traditional venture capitalists provide.

How it works?
The fund provides financial support and a suite of AI expertise, assets, and operating frameworks therefore de-risking AI investments and boosting productivity and value across the value chain.

As an Investor this fund will allow you to participate in the AI revolution, with double digit potential returns;

Expected annual target 15%-20%.
Minimum investment of 50 000 Euros, and capital will be deployed along investment opportunities (Up to 6 years);
A ten-year investment, with returns expected only after 6 years;

Golden Visa eligible with a minimum investment of 500 000 Euros.

Management Comission: 2% Subscribed Capital.
Set Up Fee: 2% subscribed capital.

Download the brochure for more details.

commodities, stocks.jpg


IndexFund is a conservative investment fund that focuses on long-term growth.

The fund invests in corporate financial instruments, capital and debt (stocks, bonds).

The fund invests in companies specializing in commodities such as gold, minerals, and natural resources.

By diversifying across different markets, aims to mitigate risk and achieve consistent returns, with low volatility. 

When one market is down, others can compensate, and over time, all markets appreciate.

Investment areas

  • Debt

  • Equity

  • Commodities

Profit sharing

  • The initial 6% of profits go to the Limited Partners.

  • The subsequent 2% of profits belong to the General Partners.

  • Beyond 8%, profits are shared between LP's and GP's in a 75%/25% split.

Download the brochure for more details.

Farm 1

Earth fund

Strategy of purchasing, holding, and cultivating large orchards, with a long term focus on organic transition and soil health.

Innovation requires breaking from the pack. The fund concept is an agribusiness fund, identifying a better way to protect investor capital, and introducing sustainable impact investing to Golden Visa seekers.  

Anchored by a mission for environmental regeneration, this fund targets a €100 million raise to further expand the existing portfolio and environmental impact.
Leveraging a well-established track record boasted €20 million of assets and committed investment upon launch. 

Seize this unmatched opportunity to join this fund and not only solidify your generational legacy through EU citizenship but also become an instrumental force in regenerating Portugal's societal fabric and landscape.

  • ANNUAL RETURNS: 5% preferential hurdle + 20% additional above hurdle.

  • LEVERAGE/DEBT: The Fund will not borrow any amounts.

  • TAX ADVANTAGES: 0% Tax on Profits - the fund is fully exempt from Corporate Income Tax (CIT). Non-resident investors who are not residents of a tax haven jurisdiction are exempt from Withholding Tax.

  • SUBSCRIPTION FEE: 1% initial setup fee

  • EXIT: Assets sales foreseen and protected by right of first refusal to tenants and operational partners.

Download the brochure for more details.

Sustainable Energy

Novas Fronteiras Energy Fund

The Novas Fronteiras Energy Fund (“NFEF”) is a pioneer in Portuguese Golden Visa-eligible fund, exclusively investing in renewable energy projects with no real estate exposure. We are committed to financing a diverse range of projects in Portugal’s renewable energy sector, with an emphasis on solar/ PV, from corporate rooftop installations to industrial-scale ground-mounted solar PV projects with long-term index-linked Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

TARGET NET RETURN: 8-10% per annum
STRUCTURE TYPE: Portuguese Private Equity Fund
STRATEGY: Growth Capital
MANAGEMENT FEES: 0.5% of NAV per annum paid quarterly
INCENTIVE FEES: 50% of carried interest per annum; subject to high-water mark


Download the brochure for more details.

Stock Data

Mercury Fund

Investment in mature Portuguese SMEs/Mid Caps with sustainable business models (Debt or Equity instruments).

Investment target: Flexible instruments will favor equity like returns with strong downside protection . Covering sectors such as industrial, agrobusiness, health, retail, services, transportation and logistics.

Gross IRR Target: Mid teens

Subscription Fee: None for subscriptions until the end of Dec 23

Management Fee: 2.0% annual over subscribed capital over the investment

period (2025) and over the invested capital on Portfolio companies after

Hurdle rate: 3.0% per annum (if >50% of the is invested in quasi equity/debt) or 5% per annum (if >50% of the is invested in equity)

Carried interest: 20.0% of profits once hurdle rate has been achieved with catch up

Download the brochure for more details.

Glass of Red Wine

Wine Fund

The first eco & wine tourism fund investing in sustainable next-generation opportunities in the hospitality and real estate sectors. The Fund materializes a unique opportunity for investors looking for investment diversification with sustainable returns.

  • Fund term: 8 years, allowing all participants to complete a full five years Golden Visa residency program period and apply for citizenship in the sixth year.

  • Exit strategy: Sales of the assets to target buyers such as hospitality investors & players, family offices, PE funds and other institutional funds, which will trigger the promoted interests for the OpCo.

  • Classes of shares: Class A shareholders receive the preference of returns distribution and they are eligible for the Golden Visa and for receiving dividends on a yearly basis, subject to Fund manager discretion; Class B shareholders receive returns after the Class A preferred shareholders’ distribution and they are eligible to receive the Fund upside returns

  • Target returns: Class A: 7% IRR (or Euribor + 3%) with a yearly distribution of up to 3% of the Fund’s returns (subject to Fund manager discretion); Class B: 15% IRR (or Euribor + 11%)

  • Profit share / Incentive structure: At the end of its term (Term of the Fund) and after full repayment of all paid-in capital, available any income will be distributed as follows: Class A investors preferentially receive up to 7% IRR; Class B investors in turn receive up to 7% IRR and the higher earnings will be shared with Class C (Fund Advisor) and Fund Manager, being 70% for Class B, 28% for Class C and, 2% for the Fund Manager

  • Subscription fee (one-off): 1.50% for subscriptions during the first 12 months of Funds’ life; 1.75% for subscriptions closed from months 13 onwards, with a minimum of €3,500 per investor

  • Tax benefits: Income tax exemption (0% income tax for non-residents in Portugal or 10% for tax residents) and inheritance tax exemption (0% tax for heirs)

  • Exclusive benefits: By participating in the the Fund Investors Club, you will have access to some exclusive benefits associated with the invested projects. These benefits include hotel premium accommodation & wines, as well as engaging in ESG activities such as social initiatives, wine and agroforestry certifications, annual general meeting, among others

Download the brochure for more details.

Soccer World Cup

Soccer / Football GV Fund

With a passion for soccer and a vision to take the sport to the next level, this Fund was founded.


We aim to establish an international multi-club investment fund that bridges markets and provides equal opportunities to young promising stars. Through philanthropic efforts, we also strive to give back to local communities and foster the upcoming generation of stars on and off the pitch.

Fund Investment Areas

  • Acquiring Shares or a Stake in the Capital of Football Clubs

  • Advance Funding for Television Rights and Player Transfers

  • Acquisition of Football and Sports Related Assets 

  • Financing for acquisition of Player Ownership Rights

Download the brochure for more details.

Green Town

Hospitality M Fund

This new fund is based in Hospitality sector, qualifying under Portugal Golden Visa program.

The Fund will be the majority shareholder of three companies developing hospitality and tourism sector in Portugal.


  • Total investment fund: 140M EUR

  • Fund type: Hospitality Investment

  • Investment amount: Minimum amount: 250,000EUR (to qualify for Golden Visa the investor must invest at 500,000EUR)

  • Minimum Investment time: 6 year


  • Expected fix income: 2% per year; collectible after 1 year.

  • No Tax on income.

  • No Annual Management fee

  • No Subscription fee

  • Get a bonus of 2% at year 8, year 10, year 12 of investment* (applied condition);

  • Guaranteed buyback of 100% after 6 years, or until citizenship is obtained;

  • Enjoy 7-night free at selected luxury hotels for main applicant and spouse

Download the brochure for more details.

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